Marzia is a self-taught ceramist currently based in the UK. Her work also includes illustrations, videography and clothing, and has an appreciation for design. Passionate about all things creative, Marzia founded Maì as the place where she could blend all her interests together. Sanrio and Maì have collaborated on an exclusive collection available at for a limited time only.
Maì x Sanrio Personalised Notepad
Maì x Sanrio HoodieMaì x Sanrio Hoodie
Maì x Sanrio Sticker SetMaì x Sanrio Sticker Set
Maì x Sanrio Tote BagMaì x Sanrio Tote Bag
Maì x Sanrio Marumofubiyori CandleMaì x Sanrio Marumofubiyori Candle
Maì x Sanrio Kirimi-chan DishMaì x Sanrio Kirimi-chan Dish