Sanrio. Freshly arrived from Tokyo, Japan. Kawaii cute & 2020 attitude. Hello Kitty and her pals are here to have the best time in Europe. If you didn’t know, now you know.

Hello Kitty

This London babe can never have too many friends. Always the life and soul of the party, you can count on her to bring cookies and apple pie to any occasion.

Bad Badtz-Maru

The definition of an eye roll, this little penguin is full of sass and mischief. Originally from Gorgeous-town, he's one to keep an eye on!


This loveable puppy enjoys the good things in life - naps and cuddles. He's a little shy but thankfully his huge flapping ears help him fly away from any awkward situations.

My Melody

This cutesy straight shooter is one of Hello Kitty's best pals. When she's not hopping around the forest, you can find her baking cookies and eating her favourite almond pound cake.


Ugh. I mean, what can you say when you're destined to be eaten? This lazy egg just loves a gude time napping with it's bacon blanket. Whatever.


This city girl knows how to let loose. Accountant by day and death metal karaoke enthusiast by night - it's the quiet ones you need to look out for.


Keroppi spends his days hopping around donut pond. With a post code like that, it's lucky he keeps active playing baseball!


Meet your new best friend. With hobbies including napping and eating caramel pudding, what more could you want?

Little Twin Stars

Here comes double trouble; Kiki & LaLa. This creative duo have travelled a long way to Earth to spread their sparkle.